Historically, Fort Bend County has operated under a form of government where the County was divided into 4 precincts. Residents of each precinct elected Commissioners to serve as their representative in Commissioner's Court, the governing body of Fort Bend County. They were each elected to a 4 year term with the tenures being staggered to ensure stability within the court. Members of court were also responsible for the Road & Bridge duties in their respective precincts.

Around 1995, Commissioners started looking into a new approach to county government - the Road & Bridge consolidation. This involved hiring a Road Commissioner to oversee the department and combining the budgets, equipment and employees from all 4 precincts and becoming one organization in a county-wide effort.

In January 1996, the Road & Bridge Department was formed. This organization began beating its heart to a very public audience. Citizens groups were formed to monitor the development and effectiveness of the department. To date, this department has proven to be an asset and has also provided extreme savings to the taxpayers of Fort Bend County.

The Road & Bridge Department is committed to providing the most efficient, most responsive and most courteous services possible. The fleet of vehicles and equipment is kept in top shape and are replaced only when the cost of repair exceeds the value of the equipment. An updated, mechanically sound fleet provides a safe and productive environment.