Gus George Law Enforcement Academy

Smokeless tobacco is prohibited on carpeted areas. As designated by the Commissioner’s Court, smoking is allowed outside of county buildings 25-ft away from any door.
B. No weapons are allowed in the Academy building unless:

  1. Required for a specific course
  2. Student/officer is in UNIFORM and the gun is holstered
  3. Weapon is concealed and secure.

C. Display department ID readily.
D. The physical training room and equipment therein is for the exclusive use of properly registered employees of Fort Bend County and employees of the Sheriff’s Office.
E. The instructor is in control of the class and shall determine the time for periodic breaks and time for lunch break.

A. Uniforms are not required for any course offered at our Academy, unless so specified in the course requirements. However, they are permissible attire.
B. Shorts, tank tops, half-shirts, and thongs/sandals shall be considered inappropriate as class attire, or while inside the Academy facility. Caps need to be removed upon entering the classroom.

A. Course tuition is expected on the first day of the course. TCOLE credit will not be given unless the tuition is paid.
B. TCOLE requires a final written/skills exam at the conclusion of every course. Students must pass with a 70% or better in order to receive credit for the course.
C. There will be NO food products allowed on any carpeted area in the Academy building. NO drink products in Styrofoam, paper cups or without lids will be allowed on any carpeted area.
D. Please keep noise to a minimum as there may be other classes in session. Do not loiter in the first floor lobby area during breaks. The break room and the library are available during breaks and lunch.
E. If you miss 10% of the course, FOR ANY REASON, we cannot give you TCOLE credit for the course. All course absences must be made up, according to the instructions of the course instructor.

The information contained in the furnished materials and discussed during the training session was obtained from sources which, to the best of the instructor’s knowledge, are authentic and reliable. The Gus George Academy and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office make no guarantees of results and assume no liability in connection with either the information contained herein or material presented by the instructor. Moreover, it cannot be assumed that every acceptable procedure has been presented or that some circumstances may not require additional or substitute procedures. Students are reminded that statutes, ordinances and agency policies differ widely and where these are in conflict with the information contained in this class, the former should govern.

Please direct your questions to a member of the Academy Staff. THANK YOU!




Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
Non-emergencies 281-341-4665
To report information on a current investigation call 281-341-4686.
To report an anonymous tip call 281-341-TIPS (8477).