General Counsel:

Provides general legal services to the business operation of Fort Bend County and legal advice and assistance to all county officials and employees in the following areas: 

  • Attends the meetings of the Commissioners Court (both public session and executive session)
  • Provides legal opinions to the members of Commissioners Court and other county officials relating to the performance of their official duties and assists in drafting county policies and procedures. 
  • Drafts and reviews proposed contracts and advises the Commissioners Court, county departments, and elected officials with regard to contract interpretation and administration.
  • Provides legal services with respect to real property transactions by the County including sale, purchase, and leasing of real property and the acquisition of easements, right of ways, and road dedications
  • Supports County legislative initiatives, drafts proposed legislation and advises the Commissioners Court and County officials regarding other proposed and recently enacted legislation affecting the County. 
  • Supports county boards and committees


Represent the County, the Commissioners Court and County officials and employees in all lawsuits, EEOC claims, legal claims and administrative actions involving the County. The duties include the following: 

  • Represent the County in civil lawsuits filed against the County and/or its officials in state and federal court
  • Represent departments and elected officials in proceedings before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other state/federal agencies
  • Evaluate claims and lawsuits filed against the County by gathering documents and interviewing witnesses, determine liability and potential damages 


The Regulatory Division provides legal assistance and advice to all County officials and departments to ensure County compliance with all duties and obligations as required under local, state and federal laws.   The Division is also responsible for pursuing lawsuits on behalf of the County in the enforcement of County Orders and Regulations including:

  • Fort Bend County Floodplain Management Regulations
  • Fort Bend County Junkyard Regulations
  • Fort Bend County Junked Vehicle Abatement Procedures
  • Fort Bend County Outdoor Lighting Regulations
  • Enforcement of County, State and Federal Environmental Regulations
  • Human Trafficking Violations
  • Public Nuisance Abatement
  • Fort Bend County Alcohol Distance Regulations
  • Fort Bend County Game Room Regulations

Assistant County Attorneys also draft County Orders and Regulations for Commissioners Court approval and assist departments with policies and procedures for investigating and implementing those Regulations. 

Family Law

The Family Law Division is responsible for filing all civil litigation in child abuse and neglect cases referred by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services in order to ensure the safety of the children in Fort Bend County. Assistant County Attorneys are responsible for filing suits affecting the parent child relationship in a timely manner and attending all statutorily required hearings. The Family Law Division also participates in various organizations and efforts related to the prevention of child abuse such as the Infant & Toddler Program.