General Procedures:

For regular court session, please approach the window and sign in. At the appropriate time you will be called into the courtroom.

Before entering the secure areas of the court, all electronic devices such as cell phones must be on silent or off. You may not talk on a cell phone, play electronic games, listen to music via headphones, read newspapers, magazines or similar materials in secure areas or the courtroom. Do not bring gum, food or beverages into the secure area or the courtroom.

If you must bring children, please monitor their behavior so they remain quiet at all times. Parents may be asked to leave the court room if their child becomes noisy or unruly.

Dress Code:

Appropriate attire is required and enforced in the courtroom. T-shirts that carry offensive slogans, with obscene language and inappropriate graphics are NOT allowed. Certain articles of clothing such as shorts, house shoes, tank tops, halter/ tube tops, muscle shirts, caps/hats are not permitted in the court room. No shirttails out. FAILURE to do so may result in your court appearance being rescheduled or being held in contempt of court.

Courtroom Security:

All persons & packages subject to search. NO weapons are permitted in the building or in the courtroom. A metal detector may be in use. Please avoid large purses, backpacks, etc.


Defendants whom are sixteen (16) years of age and under must appear with a parent or legal guardian. Parents can be compelled to attend their child's court sessions. Although parents may not act as a representative of the juvenile or enter a plea for the juvenile they will be allowed to stand before the bench and confer with the juvenile during most court proceedings.