KenDeMerchantCommissioner DeMerchant’s duties include county-wide and precinct responsibilities -among them are:

  • Assist the Budget Officer and all budget managers with budget preparation.
  • Adopt the County budget and set the tax rate
  • Hire County non-elected officials
  • Fill appointed vacancies.
  • Establish voting precincts, appoint precinct judges and call County bond elections.
  • Let contracts and authorize payment of all County bills.
  • Build, manage and improve County facilities including jails
  • Provide health and welfare assistance for indigent people
  • Provide for the data service and archival needs of the County.
  • Enter into interlocal agreements. 


Commissioner DeMerchant is accompanied by Ahmad Alaswad, Chief of Staff; Danielle Garrison, Project Manager; Shannon Goodie, Project Manager; and Ushani DeAbrew, Communications Manager.

Work In Progress

Some of the areas that Commissioner DeMerchant is working to improve include:

  • Mobility and transportation planning
  • Drainage
  • Water and sewer service for the Rio Brazos and Four Corners communities.
  • Economic Development
  • Programs that will make a difference in the lives of children and troubled youth
  • Libraries
  • Quality of life issues
  • Programs that will make a difference for youth such as parks

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