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Welcome to Fort Bend County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4.

Since taking office in January 2015, Judge Joyce and the entire JP4 team have made every effort to improving your Justice Court, with the goal of becoming the most efficient and technologically advanced Justice Court in the State of Texas. Realizing the importance of providing efficient and excellent service to our community so you can have your day in court as quickly as possible, while ensuring that your rights are preserved, and tax dollars and resources are used wisely. Some of the improvements we made were achieved by using existing county resources at JP4. For example, a computer and monitor that previously sat unused, has been relocated to our front lobby to be used by our customers to display court documents. There is also a step by step guide that assists  in filing cases.  We have worked to find efficiencies using our existing assets, limiting the need to request additional resources from the County.

Our vision begins by employing innovative technology and procedures into each of our processes. One key to achieving efficiency has been to promote the use of e-file. In 2015, Judge Joyce’s first year, 615 electronic filings were made. In 2019, we are projected to have almost 6,000 electronic filings. This tool allows you to file civil cases and upload documents to the court without making a trip to the courthouse. We are trying to eliminate the laborious task associated with having your day in court. In many cases we have eliminated the need to make a court appearance for a traffic ticket as well. You can request defensive driving, deferred disposition or simply pay a fine, all online. 

Your time is valuable. And none of us likes paying taxes for wasteful government offices. Therefore, Judge Joyce wants to ensure that neither your time, nor tax dollars are wasted.