Electronic Filing (Civil Filings Only)

The county is currently transitioning to a new eFile reviewer tool as required by the State eFiling vendor due to the deprecation of Silverlight. This may result in delays in processing filings while we adjust to the new system. This transition will NOT impact the file stamp time received. We thank you for your patience as we transition.

 Attorneys should also be aware that the Silverlight version of the State provided EFSP will also be deprecated on 10/10. Attorneys can use the new State provided EFSP, or can select from other EFSPs by visiting https://efiletexas.gov/service-providers.htm

Electronic Filing, a voluntary program, allows attorneys and citizens to file Small Claims, Evictions, Debt Claims, and many other types of Civil Filings electronically over the internet from the convenience of a home or office computer.

This solution greatly increases the efficiency of court operations and allows people to use a credit or debit card to pay for civil court costs. Once your eFiling is accepted by the clerk, you will receive a confirmation message and file-stamped copy via email. For more information or to register for eFiling, please visit http://efiletexas.gov/.

You may still file in person at our office or by regular mail.