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Important Notice

Effective as of 12:01 a.m., March 21, 2020, and continuing through 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2020, unless a declaration of the local disaster for public health emergency is no longer in effect access to our office shall be limited as to the public, except for essential proceedings only.

Essential Proceedings

  • Criminal Magistration (in and out of custody)
  • Emergency Mental Commitment and Patient Warrant Transfers
  • Applications for Writs of Retrieval, Re-Entry and Restoration
  • Imminent Threat Evictions 
  • Repair and Remedy Cases that materially affect the physical health and safety of a tenant.

While access will be limited, JP4 will remain operational during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm.  Should you need to contact the court for any of the above listed matters, please call (281)491-6016, press 0 to speak to a clerk.  

Payment of Fines/Fees and Filings

Please contact the court for information regarding payment options and electronic filing at (281)491-6016, press 0, to speak to a clerk. 

We encourage the use of electronic filing for all Civil matters.  

In accordance with the local, state, and federal response to coronavirus COVID-19 and in consideration of protecting the health of our community, all non-essential Civil and Criminal proceedings are canceled until May 8, 2020, except for essential proceedings as defined above.

    Our goal is to reduce the impact of the coronavirus on parties, jurors, judges and staff. We are committed to following the guidelines established by the CDC and the Supreme Court of Texas.

    As COVID-19 and its impact continue to evolve and develop, we remain focused on the health and safety of our employees and our community, as well as our commitment to serving the general public. Thank you for your patience.


    Traffic / Non Traffic

    In addition to traffic offenses, the Justice of the Peace Court also handles a variety of criminal class C misdemeanors. Some of the more common offenses include: Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Public Intoxication, Minor In Possession of Alcoholic Beverage, and Shoplifting. In cases involving alcohol violations, an alcohol awareness course is usually required. Defendants under 17 years of age are required to appear in Court with their parents.


    What Are My Options?

    Not Guilty Plea

    A defendant accused of one of these crimes has the absolute right to plead Not Guilty and request a trial by Judge or Jury. And In accordance with your not guilty plea and request for a Judge/Jury Trial, your case will be scheduled for a Pre-Trial Hearing at a later date. At that time you will have an opportunity to meet with the Prosecutor, an Assistant District Attorney from the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office. If you have hired an Attorney, he/she must be present on this date.

    Failure to appear for a Pre-Trial Hearing or Judge/Jury Trial on a subsequent date may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and a new charge of Failure to Appear may be filed, which can incur additional fine plus court costs, if you are found guilty.

    The Judge is prohibited, by Law, from discussing your ticket with you unless you have plead guilty or no-contest or the District Attorney is also present.

    Guilty / No Contest Plea

    You may also plead Guilty or No Contest and pay the fine amount listed on the Schedule of Fines, or you may appear on your court date to see about a pay plan or to request community service in lieu of a fine.