The Texas Constable was established in 1823 under the leadership of Stephen F. Austin. The Constable and Sheriff were the primary law enforcement until 1828 when municipalities were established.

The many facets of civil process are the statutory responsibility of Texas constables. The largest volume of civil process involves serving notice to defendants of pending lawsuits, seizure of persons and property in dispute, and enforcement of judgments rendered by Texas courts.

Writ deputies receive special training in enforcement and collection of judgments. These individuals are the "enforcement arm of the judicial system". A Writ of Execution is issued by a court after a final judgment has been awarded. Executions require the officer to make demand on the judgment debtor and collect the entire judgment owed, or seize non-exempt property to satisfy the judgment amount. Refer to the property sales link on the left for a list of upcoming property to be auctioned.

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