The Precinct Three Constable’s Office proudly benefits from the dedicated assistance offered by our Reserve Deputies. These Deputies are trained to the same standards as full time deputies and are often former full-time law enforcement officers. Typically each Reserve Deputy serves at least 16 hours per month. As fully certified peace officers in the State of Texas, Reserve Deputies have the same authority and responsibility as full time law enforcement officers in the State. While these Deputies regularly volunteer their time at area events, they are prohibited by State law from working extra jobs as a peace officer for compensation.

A typical Reserve Deputy has a strong desire to be actively involved in his or her community and to be a part of the law enforcement profession. The men and women of the Reserve Division are indeed a select group of outstanding citizens. Our Reserve Deputies include attorneys, firemen, former Chiefs of Police, and other prestigious members of our community.

Generally, we require Reserve Deputy Applicants to have previous full-time patrol experience. If you are interested in applying to become a Reserve Deputy, please contact Sergeant Gilbert Perez at 281-242-4014 or

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