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Sergeant M. Scheibel

Deputy D. Britton

Deputy D. Britton

Deputies in the Writ Division work in a specialized area of responsibility within the Constable’s Office. Civil processes the deputies work on include:
  • Citations by Publications
  • Tax Warrant
  • Writs of Execution (Issued after final judgment from a court)
    • This requires the deputy to go make physical demand for the judgment amount from the defendant. If the defendant is unable to make payment, then the deputy MAY be required to seize non-exempt property and sell it to satisfy the judgment.
  • Writ of Attachment
    • An order to seize a defendant’s property in order to secure the claim of the plaintiff. 
  • Writ of Possession
    • A judgment that allows the Deputy to take possession of the premises in dispute, and return them to a landlord who prevailed in an eviction suit. 
  • Writ of Execution 
    • Issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, commanding a Deputy to levy upon the non-exempt property of a defendant, in satisfaction of a previous judgment rendered by the issuing court. 
  • Writ of Sequestration 
    • The temporary seizure or setting aside of specific property to which a party to a suit has a claim of ownership. The object is to allow parties to protect and preserve their property during the suit.
  • Orders of Sales (Tax and Property Sales)
    • The sales aspect of this department handles a variety of different tasks that allow the Deputy to sell, usually at public auctions, an assortment of real and personal property. Sales can range from tangible items such as land, homes, vehicles or other personal items to non-tangible items such as shares of a stock or interest in a company.