The Fort Bend County CSCD’s Pretrial Services Program consists of Pretrial Intervention and Pretrial Bond Supervision.

Fort Bend County CSCD’s Pretrial Intervention Program is designed to provide eligible offenders an alternative that will avoid the consequences and stigma of regular criminal processing. If successfully completed, no criminal conviction, formal probation, or any criminal penalty will be associated with the resolution of the case. All offers of pretrial intervention/diversion originate from the District Attorney’s Office, and diversion agreements contain specific conditions by which a defendant must comply. The Pretrial Intervention Program provides supervision of these clients for up to two years, and will inform the District Attorney’s Office of any significant violations or compliance issues throughout the term of supervision. In addition, the officer also has an opportunity to refer a client to intervention programs and counseling, if necessary.

Fort Bend County CSCD’s Pretrial Bond Supervision Program supervises defendants who have been ordered by a judge to comply with certain special conditions attached to their bond. Examples of these conditions include random alcohol/drug testing, electronic or satellite monitoring, and installation/maintenance of an ignition interlock device.