Food Assistance

The following is a list of required documents you will need to have with you when you come for food assistance. Assistance is provided to residents of Fort Bend County who meet program guidelines. Appointments required at both locations.

Proof Of Identity

  • Bring Social Security card, Driver License or I. D. for the Head of Household and Spouse. Metal Social Security Cards are NOT acceptable.

Proof Of Household Members

  • Bring in birth certificates, or shot records, or school records, or medicaid letter for household members.

Proof Of Income

  • Bring proof of the current income amount for the past month (30 days), for everyone in the household.
  • Bring last months pay stub if paid once a month, last two pay stubs if paid twice a month and last four pay stubs if paid weekly.

Proof Of Unemployment

  • If anyone in the household is eighteen (18) years old or older and is not in school and not employed, proof of unemployment is needed.
  • Must show proof by being registered with Gulf Coast Careers/ Texas Workforce Commission or have a disability. Proof of disability is needed from doctor.

Proof Of Emergency

  • Need letter of referral from Food Stamp Office or other agency.
  • Bring in proof (receipts) of all items paid out by you in the last thirty days.