DAMAGE REPORTS are vital for hurricane recovery efforts. If you received any damage, small or large, from Hurricane Beryl please assist Fort Bend County, cities and partners by completing the iSTAT and pSTAT surveys attached. Reminder: iSTAT is for personal residences and pSTAT is for businesses (commercial or agricultural). Your submission allows Fort Bend County and the State of Texas to better assess needs, and determine whether the threshold is met for additional assistance.

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Residence Damage Survey (iSTAT)

iSTAT is designed to deploy early in a disaster impacted area to gather Initial Damage Assessment information and assess the scope and size of an event impacting residences, businesses and/or agricultural losses. The tool is used on an ongoing basis to certify damage levels in the event of a joint Preliminary Damage Assessment with federal partners.

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Business Damage Survey (pSTAT)

pSTAT is designed for local officials and trained damage assessment teams to collect location, severity and costs associated with public infrastructure losses. The tool is intended for local jurisdictions to provide direct access with various download options for tactical and strategic decision making.