Fort Bend County LEPC will conduct monthly meetings every third Thursday of each month at 2:30pm at the Fort Bend County Emergency Operation Center or as directed.

Update: As of April 2024 LEPC voted to have meetings every quarter. LEPC will continue to host these meetings at the same location and same day time, with a virtual option. 

Notice of Meeting.


Thirty-three percent (33%) of the members of the LEPC, or their proxies, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, except to set the time and place of the next meeting and to adjourn the LEPC. If a quorum is present, every act or decision done or made by most of the members of the LEPC, or their proxies, present shall be regarded as an act of the LEPC. In the absence of a quorum, most of the members, or their proxies, present at any LEPC meeting, either regular or special, may adjourn from time to time and set the time fixed for the next meeting of the LEPC.

Conduct of Meetings.

The Chairperson or, in the Chairperson's absence, the Vice-Chairperson or any member selected by the members present, shall preside at the meetings of the LEPC. The person that is appointed by the presiding officer should act as secretary of the LEPC.

Agenda of Meetings.

The agenda of each meeting shall include an opportunity for oral public comments on any aspect of the LEPC. The Chairperson shall afford a reasonable period of time at the beginning of each regular meeting to accept any oral public comments that any member of the general public offers.

Frequency of LEPC Meetings.

There shall be at least four (4) regular meetings of the LEPC each year. The Chairperson may call special meetings of the LEPC at any time and place that the Chairperson designates. The Chairperson must call a special meeting of the LEPC upon a written request of five (5) members of the LEPC.


If any member of the LEPC is unable to attend a meeting of the LEPC, that member may authorize another person from their organization, to act as and use the member's proxy.


Only those members of the LEPC, or their proxies, present at a meeting shall be entitled to vote at that meeting.

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