Dear Tier Two Provider or any Stakeholder: "Local Emergency Planning Committees" (LEPC) are mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The purpose of the LEPC is to ensure the public is informed and protected through adequate preparation for possible chemical emergencies. We encourage members to visit our social media site for all information pertaining to LEPC including additional meeting times and location changes. Meetings are open to anyone interested in promoting hazardous materials education and safety in our community.

Due to a reduction in funding, Fort Bend County's LEPC needed to seek alternate funding to cover operating expenses. To compensate for the reduced funding, we ask each organization who submits a Tier II Report to Fort Bend County through the LEPC, to make a tax exempt donation to the LEPC. (Suggested amounts have been outlined in the attached "Donation Request" form.) We encourage your organization to make the suggested donation for operating expenses and to continue with the public education out-reach program. (Fort Bend County's LEPC tax-exempt number is:.) Should you have questions regarding this letter or the attached Donation Request form, please feel free to contact Fort Bend County Emergency Management Coordinator, or Deputy EMC, 281-341-4665. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE LEPC!

Donation Request Form Link (coming soon)