Rules of the Exam Environment

Please arrive early to check in for your promotional testing exam.  You will be given three hours to complete your test.

Please bring your employee ID, a #2 pencil and a good quality eraser.

There will be:

  • NO Cell Phones
  • NO Open Containers
  • NO Backpacks
  • NO Purses
  • NO Handbags of any kind

You are not permitted to have books or any form of study materials inside the testing environment.

You are not permitted to leave the environment until you have turned in your entire test packet with the score
sheet to the proctor.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Civil Service Commission Office at 281-341-8590.

Assessment Center Orientation information

Assessment Center Session  [PDF]

Recommended Study Material(s)


Job Description [PDF]

2024 Letter of Intent [PDF]

2024 Promotional Briefing  [PDF]


Job Description [PDF]

COVID Briefing Video [AVI]

COVID Briefing Video 2 [AVI]

2024 Letter of Intent [PDF]

2024 Promotional Briefing  [PDF]

Assessment Center Training videos
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