Any employee may request that the Civil Service Commission consider a matter at its regular meeting. Such request must be submitted to the Commission in writing. The Commission will consider whether the request falls under its authority and may place the matter on the agenda for a future meeting. Any Commissioner may request that a matter be placed on the agenda for a future meeting. An employee who requests an agenda item will be notified by the Commission whether the request will be included on an agenda and, if so, of the date and time of the meeting for which the item is scheduled.

Agenda items relating to developing policies and procedures set forth in the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Policy Manual shall be submitted to the Sheriff in writing at least 30 days prior to a Civil Service Commission meeting. The Sheriff may then make a recommendation on such policies and/or procedures to be considered by the Civil Service Commission.

Agenda items relating to changes, deletions, or additions to the Commission’s Rules and Regulations shall be circulated to the Sheriff, the Fort Bend County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the Fort Bend County Attorney, and Fort Bend County Human Resources for review and comment (if any) at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date on which the item is to be considered.

Minutes regarding appeals will not be posted on the Civil Service webpage. If you seek additional information regarding appeals and/ or agendas you may request information by submitting a request in writing to the Civil Service Commission Coordinator. All such information is available per the Public Information Act.

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