Sheriff's Office Civil Service Commission

Below you will find some of the common questions asked of the Civil Service Coordinator. If you have a question that is not answered below, please call the Civil Service Coordinator at 281-341-8590 or email
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Yes, up to 12 months.

No, unless the Sheriff’s Office (Sheriff and/ or Chief Deputy) approves the request and sends an email to the CSC approving the request.

The Sheriff can choose to extend the probationary time for an additional six months. If you fail during the additional six months, he/she can choose to demote you to the previously held rank.
Yes, it falls within the same process as any other appeal for Demotion, Suspension and/or Termination.
No, the Civil Service Commission is a separate agency outside the Sheriff's Office and is in no way employed by the SO.
All Sheriff's Office employees who have met all requirements of initial probation, classified as full-time, non-exempt status and at least one full year of service.


All full time Sheriff's Office employees who have met all requirements of initial probation with at least one full year of service.

Exempt employees (Captain rank or above) are not covered under the protection of the Civil Service Commission.

The Sheriff's Office can designate 10 employees as exempt. Those individuals must accept the exemption and the Civil Service Commission must accept the appointment.

Exams are specific to the type of job skills required for the rank of either Sergeant, Lieutenant or Captain.  The exams are specific to the rank, for example, if you test for the rank of Sergeant, the exam will be structured towards someone who is considered a first line supervisor.

Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain.

Only classified employees are subjected to the Civil Service Commission promotional process.

Visit our Job Descriptions page.

The Sheriff's Office chooses their own study materials for each rank testing.

The CSC owns the exams / Assessment Center materials and product for rank promotional testing.  The CSC does not share the materials with the SO.  Rank promotional exams for Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain are scored/ posted by the Civil Service Commission.

The Sheriff's Office and/ or the Sheriff's Office Human Resources Coordinator determines whether someone qualifies and provides the Civil Service Commission with the calculated longevity and College/ TCOLE points.

No, however if the Sheriff’s Office requests the scores, they will be released.

The Civil Service Commission only shares the published eligibility list.

The company that provides the assessment center completes scoring, shares the results with the CSC for review and once approved are posted by the CSC.

Anyone earning a 70% or above.

You must earn a 70% or above to be considered for the eligibility list.

Seniority and education points are added at the end of the process as you must score a 70% or above on both the written and Assessment Center to be considered for the eligibility list.

No, anyone who earns a 70% or above will proceed to the Assessment Center.

The tie will be broken using the employee’s seniority with the Sheriff’s Office.

The CSC coordinator will provide a list of qualified individuals to serve as assessors on the Assessment Panel.  The SO Chief Deputy must approve or deny a nominee.  The Assessors must be from outside Fort Bend County and cannot have been previously employed by Fort Bend County SO and must be approved by the Sheriff’s Office.

No, other than confirming the applicant’s eligibility to participate.

Yes, the Sheriff can pick the number one candidate or exercise the rule of 3.


  1. First rejection, you will remain on the list.
  2. Second rejection, you will be dropped from the list and will have to retest.
One year or if the list is used up, whichever comes first.

Yes, but you must request to be heard by the Civil Service Commission at an Open Meeting by contacting the CSC Coordinator. All parties have the right to speak for or against an item.

The number of months, days and years of continuous service with the Sheriff’s Office.
Continuous service is defined as not having a break of employment with the Sheriff’s Office.

Service Date is the employee’s original date of full time service on file with the County’s HR Department.

Service Date is not to be confused with Seniority as they are completely different when calculating points for the promotional process.

(See question: What is the meaning of seniority?)

No, the Coordinator is employed by the Civil Service Commission and Fort Bend County.
No, the Civil Service Commission does not control or regulate how the Sheriff’s Office conducts their daily business; this includes transferring an employee from one department to another, e.g. from Patrol to Jail.
No, work schedules are part of daily business within the Sheriff's Office.

There are three Commission members. Two Commissioners and one Chairman.

  • Terminations
  • Suspensions
  • Demotions

You must first follow the chain of command. Once you’ve expired this avenue, you have 10 working days from the day the Sheriff's Office responded to your grievance to file a written appeal with the Civil Service Commission.

If the termination letter states you may go directly to the Civil Service Commission, you may do so, but must file with the CSC within 10 working days of the action. It is recommended that you contact the CSC Coordinator for further instructions.

(Review Chapter 5, Civil Service Commission's Rules and Regulations)

  • Uphold the Sheriff's Office decision.
  • Modify the disciplinary action as it may deem appropriate.
  • Grant the relief requested by the appellant.

The CSC cannot increase punishment.

The appellant, an attorney or a person of their choosing.
Yes, however you must follow the correct process to request a subpoena. You are financially responsible for the cost of serving the requested subpoena.

You may appeal the decision by filing a petition in a District Court within Fort Bend County, no later the 30th calendar day of the initial Civil Service Commission finding(s).

Yes, you may grieve to the Civil Service Commission at an Open Meeting regarding an item that falls under the authority of the CSC. You may also grieve through the chain of command.

Yes, the Civil Service Commission can choose not to hear a requested topic if it is outside the Commission's authority.

For example, salaries are not within the CSC’s authority.

All agendas and Open Meeting minutes are located on our Agenda page.

No, but you may request a copy by submitting a Texas Public Information Act Request [PDF].
Yes, you may request copies by submitting a Texas Public Information Act Request [PDF].
The CSC does not control salaries and does not have authority to adjust or modify salaries.