CONTACT THE TAX OFFICE VIA PHONE OR EMAIL: Please feel free to call us at 281-341-3710 or email us at with any auto or property tax questions.

NOW COLLECTING FOR FIRST COLONY LID 2, FORT BEND MUD 46, FORT BEND LID 15, AND FORT BEND LID 19: Please call the Tax Office at 281-341-3710 for any outstanding balances due.


  • You can also mail your property tax payment and it will be processed as of the postmark date.
  • If you wish to make an escrow payment, please mail it to us. You are not able to make escrow payments online at this time.
  • Tax certificate and written statement requests and the associated fees will be accepted through the mail.  No online payments are accepted for these requests.
  • Beer and liquor renewals can be sent to us through the mail. Once processed, the renewal receipt will be returned via mail.