Emergency Operation Center Plans

Fort Bend County Emergency Operations Plan Basic Plan

This Basic Plan outlines Fort Bend County’s approach to emergency operations and applies to Fort Bend County and the Joint Resolution Jurisdictions. It provides general guidance for emergency management activities and an overview of Fort Bend County’s methods for the five mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. The plan describes the emergency response organization and assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks. This plan is intended to provide a framework for more specific functional annexes and transitioning Emergency Support Functions (ESF) that describe who does what, when, and how in more detail. This plan applies to all local officials, departments, and agencies. The primary audience for this document includes chief elected officials and other elected officials, emergency management staff, department heads and agency directors and their senior staff members, leaders of local volunteer organizations that support emergency operations, and others who may participate in Fort Bend County’s five mission areas Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. 


Annex A – Warning

County Sheriff/Police Chief/ Homeland Security and Emergency Management /County Human Resources

Annex B – Communications

County Sheriff/Police Chief/Fire Marshal

Annex C – Shelter & Mass Care

County/City Parks Director/American Red Cross/Health and Human Services/Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Annex D – Radiological Protection

County Fire Marshal/Fire Chief

Annex E – Evacuation

County Sheriff/Police Chief/Constable/ Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Annex F – Firefighting

County Fire Marshal/Fire Chief

Annex G – Law Enforcement

County Sheriff/Police Chief/Constable

Annex H – Health and Medical Services

County Director Health & Human Services/Health Officer

Annex I – Emergency Public Information

County Judge Appointed Homeland Security and Emergency Management PIO/Mayor or City PIO/City Secretary

Annex J – Recovery

Homeland Security and Emergency Management/County Tax Assessor/County Road Commissioner/ County Auditor/Health and Human Services

Annex K – Public Works & Engineering

County Road Commissioner/County Engineer/ Public Works Director

Annex L – Utilities

County Road Commissioner/

Public Works Director

Annex M – Resource Management

Homeland Security and Emergency Management/Fire Marshal/Sheriff Office/Constable/Road and Bridge/Drainage/EMS/Health and Human Services/County Purchasing Agent/Human Resources Director

Annex N – Direction & Control

County Judge/Mayor/EMC

Annex O – Human Services

County Director Health & Human Services/

City Health Officer

Annex P – Hazard Mitigation

Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Annex Q – Hazardous Materials & Oil Spill Response

Fire Marshal/Fire Chief/HAZMAT/Fort Bend County LEPC

Annex R – Search & Rescue

County Fire Marshal/Fire Chief /Sheriff Office/Constable

Annex S – Transportation

County/City Transportation Department

Annex T – Donations Management County Purchasing Agent/County Auditor/ Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Annex U – Legal County/District/City Attorney
Annex V – Terrorist Incident Response County Sheriff/Police Chief/Constable/Fire Marshal/EMS

Fort Bend County EOC Training, Certification, Credentialing Program 
In 2020 FEMA guidance was published for NIMS Training. Fort Bend County has taken new leadership and will follow the guidance from the National Framework and implement its training program to include certifications and credentialing for the Emergency Operation Center.