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Calling on all high school and college-aged residents of Fort Bend County: help plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize for policy reform in your community. Join Judge KP George’s Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

You could help:

  • Identify major issues in the community
  • Develop plans of action to address the issues
  • Work with stakeholders to achieve progress

This student-run program will offer mentorship from elected officials, community leaders, faith leaders, and all those that can provide resources to support this group's mission.

Please thoughtfully consider the program structure and initiatives as you complete your application. Be sure to share this exciting opportunity with your peers. All high-school and college-age students of Fort Bend County are eligible to apply.


Program Structure:

  • 30 – 50 students from the applicant pool are selected based on qualifications, experience, and willingness to learn and advocate for change.
  • Students are divided into groups of ten based on interests and experiences.
  • Each group is paired with three-five professional mentors. These mentors are prestigious leaders that have historically included college professors, community organization leaders, state representatives, and county officials.

The program is divided into three phases: planning, proposal, and progress-monitoring.


Phase One: Planning. Students work together to identify an issue of their choice to focus on throughout the program and cultivate innovative solutions to their issue.

Phase Two: Proposal. Following the research compilation, students formally create a plan of action to implement their innovative solutions pertaining to their topic of interest.

Phase Three: Progress-Monitoring. Following the formal proposals, students track the progress of their proposal’s development and implementation.


Rules & Expectations:

The Youth Leadership Program is a nine-month commitment. The first three months of the Youth Leadership Program include meetings held weekly on Tuesday nights from 6-7 PM. The next six months of the Youth Leadership Program are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6-7 PM. Students are expected to communicate with their groups on Slack, participate on all projects in an equal and equitable manner, attend all meetings, and conduct themselves with professionalism.


Program Timeline:

  • May 10, 2021: APPLICATION CLOSES
  • May 19, 2021: Students will be notified of their acceptance or rejection
  • May 26, 2021: Accepted students must formally sign a commitment
  • June 8, 2021: The introductory meeting will be held 

All meetings held Tuesdays from 6-7 PM unless otherwise noted.

June 8, 2021

Student Orientation

June 15, 2021

Student Orientation (In Person)

June 22, 2021

Understanding Change: Advocacy 101

June 29, 2021

Identifying an Issue

July 6, 2021


July 13, 2021

Action Planning & Data Collection

July 20, 2021

Action Planning & Data Collection

July 27, 2021

Action Planning & Data Collection

August 3, 2021

Introduction to Proposals and Proposal Tutorial

August 10, 2021

Proposal Planning

August 17, 2021

Proposal Planning

August 24, 2021

Official Proposal Presentations to Stakeholders

September 14, 2021

Monthly Action Check-In

October 12, 2021

Monthly Action Check-In

November 9, 2021

Monthly Action Check-In

January 11, 2022

Monthly Action Check-In; Introduce Formal Report Writing

February 15, 2022

Monthly Action Check-In; Update on Formal Report

March 2022

Formal Report Due; Awards Ceremony


Application deadline has passed.