Departments: The Office of the Constitutional County Judge performs the following duties:
  • Empowered by the Constitution as the County's Chief Executive officer
  • Presiding officer of the Commissioners Court including publishing meeting notices and prohibiting illegal closed meetings
  • Administrative duties primarily relate to carrying out the court orders passed by the Commissioners Court, signing all contracts, and overseeing all non-elected department heads
  • Fort Bend County liaison between State, Federal, City and other County Governments
  • Actively participates in both public and private sector economic development
  • Director of Emergency Management and oversees civil defense and disaster relief for the county residents
  • Serves on the County Bail Bond Board, Purchasing Board, the Juvenile Board and the County Elections Commission
  • As a voting member of the Commissioners Court performs many of the same duties and responsibilities as a County Commissioner
Other Responsibilities Include:
  • Sets and receives bonds or sureties for certain county officials and other appointments by Commissioners Court
  • Refuses or issues Court Ordered Delayed Birth Certificates and Death Certificates
  • Other than the largely administrative duties listed above, all judicial duties of the County Judge are vested in the four County Courts- at- Law maintained by Fort Bend County