Beginning February 14, 2022, civil construction plans received by Fort Bend County Engineering Department that have not addressed markup comments or obtained required approval documents from other departments or agencies, a second review fee (based on plan type) will be charged and must be paid before the plans are signed. You will be notified of the plan deficiencies by development staff and provided a required payment amount via email. Incomplete submittals will be discarded – we will no longer hold plan sets. A new set of plans will need to be provided by the engineer/firm once all comments and approvals are addressed.

All non-residential development in the unincorporated areas of the county must submit an engineering site plan for review and approval to Fort Bend County prior to obtaining permits for construction.

Email civil plans to with a copy of a transmittal letter. Deliver review checks to:

Fort Bend County
c/o Engineering
301 Jackson Street - 4th floor
Richmond, TX 77469

Include the project name in the memo of the check. Engineering does not distribute plans to other departments for review. It is the responsibility of the design engineer to submit to all reviewing departments and agencies.

Manufactured Home Rental Communities Regulations
Engineering requirements for the development of a manufactured home rental community shall comply with Regulations Concerning Minimum Infrastructure Standards for Manufactured Home Rental Communities as adopted by Fort Bend County.


Outdoor Lighting
Fort Bend County has adopted Outdoor Lighting Regulations that are applicable to all commercial projects in the unincorporated areas of Fort Bend County. All development must obtain approval of the Outdoor Lighting Plan prior to site plan approval and the issuance of a Development Permit for construction.

The Fort Bend Toll Road Authority has adopted regulations for proposed signs along and visible from Fort Bend toll roads. Please visit Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority website for additional information.