Right of Way Permits

Anyone proposing to lay, construct, maintain and/or repair cable, conduit and/or pole lines in, under, across, or along roads, streets, highways and/or drainage ditches in Fort Bend County should apply for a Right of Way Permit. The permit can be applied for online at www.mygovernmentonline.org.


Driveway Permits

For any residential or ag-exempt property needing an open-ditch driveway connection, the Fort Bend County Road and Bridge Department can assist in installing a basic gravel driveway connection. Please contact them at (281) 342-4513 for further details. For all other driveway connections to County maintained roads, a Driveway Permit must be applied for online at www.mygovernmentonline.org.

Performance Bond Amounts

Performance bonds must be an original, fully executed and provided with a raised or digital seal on the first page. Please send your original performance bond to the Fort Bend County Engineering Department located at 301 Jackson Street, 4th Floor, Richmond, TX 77469.  Please note that your right-of-way and/or driveway permit cannot be approved without an original performance bond. Kindly reference your Project Number on the bond or a post-it note. Please email Permits@fortbendcountytx.gov with any questions.  Required bond amounts are as follows:

  • Roadway Paving (Complete roadways, Turn Lanes, Median Openings, etc.) – 100% of the project cost. Turn lanes and median openings will be a minimum of $65,000.00 each. 
  • Driveway Connections to County-maintained Roads – $5,000.00 per driveway
  • Installation of Utilities and Miscellaneous Work within County Right-of-Way – 25% of the project cost (minimum of $5,000).


Right of Way & Driveway Bonds



  • Temporary Driveway: $165 each
  • Commercial Driveway: $550 each
  • Residential Driveway: $150 each
  • Median Opening and Turn Lanes: $1,100 each
  • Utility Right of Way: No Fee