Purchasing Agent

The Fort Bend County Purchasing Department was established in February 1985 with the appointment of the first Purchasing Agent, John Hammett. In 1993, upon Mr. Hammett’s retirement, Gilbert Jalomo was appointed Purchasing Agent until his retirement in June 2017. In July 2017 Debbie Kaminski was successfully appointed before retiring in December 2019. Jaime Kovar is currently the residing Purchasing Agent having been appointed in June 2020. Since 1985, the department has grown from two employees to the present staff of twelve.

The Purchasing Agent is appointed for a two year term by a Purchasing Board composed of three District Judges and two members of Commissioners Court.

The County Purchasing Agent has a two fold mission:
  • To work in concert with the County Auditor as part of the system of checks and balances to ensure the proper expenditure of taxpayer's dollars.
  • To develop policies and procedures to ensure the proper, prompt and responsive purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment, and services required or used, and to contract for all repairs to property used by the County or employees of the County, and to implement such policies and procedures in the operation of his office.

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