Lieutenant Kim Leach

Telephone: 281-341-4630
Fax: 832-471-2479


Sergeant Rizkallah Ayoub

Telephone: 281-341-4634 
Fax: 832-471-2479



The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Identification/Crime Scene Unit is responsible for examining, documenting, photographing, preserving and processing forensic evidence related to any type of crime as well as interpret the results of processing for the case investigators, prosecutors and juries. The types of evidence could include fingerprints, footwear impressions, forensic biology, trace evidence, firearms evidence, etc.

Using their knowledge, skills and abilities, Crime Scene Investigators continuously strive to familiarize themselves with the latest scientific and technological developments in all aspects of forensic science and crime scene investigation. Each investigator regularly attends training seminars, classes, and symposiums to remain current in techniques and procedures. The investigators are on call 24 hours a day for major crime scenes.


Accurate records of incoming property and evidence are maintained and stored. Many pieces of evidence may be submitted to the Department of Public Safety or to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for specialized examination that cannot be performed on the local level. Once an investigation is complete, property may be returned to the rightful owner, transferred to the Fort Bend County Purchasing Agent for auction, or destroyed.

Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
Non-emergencies 281-341-4665
To report information on a current investigation call 281-341-4686.To report an anonymous tip call 281-341-TIPS (8477).