Crime Victim Services Liaison - Denise Berrett

Office: 281-341-4650

Contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Victim Services Unit at 281-341-4650 if you have been a victim or witness to a crime and could benefit from our assistance.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services Unit provides the following services for innocent victims of crime through established advocacy policies and by providing necessary notification:

  • Information about Crime Victims’ Compensation and assistance with filing claims
  • Aid with such items as loss of earnings, loss of support, counseling, funeral/burial, relocation, medical/dental, crime-related travel, child care, crime scene cleanup and replacement of property seized
  • Emotional support for victims and families
  • Information and referrals to community organizations who provide long-term counseling, legal assistance, emergency shelters, and other services.
  • Information about Crime Victims’ Rights
  • Case status information
  • Assistance with V.I.N.E (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) Registration

The Victim's Bill of Rights
Know your rights under the law. Victims of crime are entitled to information regarding:

  • Local community services
  • Compensation to victims of crimes, when applicable
  • The victim's role in the legal and judicial systems

Victims also have a right to:

  • Adequate Protection from harm and threats
  • Prompt and timely disposition of a criminal investigation (provided it does not interfere with the rights of the accused)
  • Prompt return of property (if there is no compelling need to retain the property as evidence)
  • Request the judge to consider the safety of victim and their family when setting the bail amount for the accused
  • Have a victim advocate attend depositions
  • Receive notification of the escape, transfer or release of the offender
  • Aid with information such as case status

In addition, the victims of a crime and the state attorney, with the consent of the victim, have standing to assert the rights of a crime victim as provided by law.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Victim Handbook includes information on these rights and other helpful information. Contact Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Victim Service Unit at 281-341-4650 to request a copy.

Emergencies: Dial 911




Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
Non-emergencies 281-341-4665
To report information on a current investigation call 281-341-4686.
To report an anonymous tip call 281-341-TIPS (8477).