The Fugitive Warrants Unit is comprised of Investigators, Deputies and Warrant Coordinators.

The Investigators are responsible for locating and arresting all individuals with criminal warrants. They also handle all Writs of Attachments issued by the criminal judges and locate wanted fugitives from other jurisdictions who may be in Fort Bend county. They also perform all extraditions transporting wanted individuals from all over the United States and Territories to Fort Bend county. They are also responsible for mental health transports to state and local hospitals.

The transport Deputies transport all individuals in custody throughout the State of Texas to and from county jails, state and federal prisons.

The Warrant Coordinators are responsible for verifying information on all warrants; entering and removing them from the TLETS system; placing holds on wanted individuals in other city, county, state and federal jails; maintaining the warrant database as well as scheduling all transports.

The Fort Bend County Fugitive Apprehension Unit (Warrants) is prohibited because of privacy concerns from giving out any information via email or by phone. If you are attempting to determine if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest you may do the following:

  1. Go to the Sheriff’s Office with a photo ID.
  2. Ask your Attorney or Bonding Company to fax the Sheriff’s Office on their official letterhead.

Lieutenant Matthew Carl can be reached at 281-341-3824 or by email at

The Warrant Coordinators can be reached at 281-341-4771 or email at:

Melinda Mican
Maggie Baca
April Meyen



Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
Non-emergencies 281-341-4665
To report information on a current investigation call 281-341-4686.To report an anonymous tip call 281-341-TIPS (8477).