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OJJDP FOCUS Youth Program

The Fort Bend County COmmunity Collaborate Program for JUstice Involved and At-RiSk Youth with mental illness/co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse (MI/CMISA)


Fort Bend County Behavioral Health Services received a 3 year grant, in February 2021, from The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Program (OJJDP) to be part of the Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (JJMHCP), renamed the FOCUS Youth Program for Fort Bend County. The JJMHCP encourages collaboration between law enforcement, courts, behavioral health agencies, and other organizations to improve responses and outcomes to youth, ages 10 – 17 years old, with mental illness (MI) and/ or co-occurring MI and substance abuse (CMISA), involved in the justice system.

Our goals are to:


  • Provide systematic and appropriate training across FBC to law enforcement, court agencies and juvenile justice partners on comprehensive behavioral health, crisis intervention, and trauma-informed strategies
  • Improve processes for a) screening and assessment of youth in the community and the justice system and b) referral of youth with MI or CMISA to appropriate community behavioral health services and/or diversion programs
  • Enhance targeted services for justice involved and at-risk youth with MI or CMISA provided by community behavioral health treatment providers and diversion programs

This department works closely with the Council of State Governments, the University of Houston, and additional partners to enhance public safety by creating positive outcomes for at-risk youth with mental illnesses and/ or substance abuse. 


For additional information, please contact:

Briana Fowler


Questions and Inquiries: BHSdept@fortbendcountytx.gov