Behavioral Health Services: Crisis Response and Intervention Project (CIT)

BHS works closely with the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), which is a specialized unit formed within the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office (FBCSO). The objective of the specialized trained team of officers is to assist mental health consumers in crisis, ensure safety, and connect individuals with needed mental health services. BHS has worked closely with the FBCSO to develop protocols, provide training, and track outcomes for CIT to ensure it can divert people away from incarceration or emergency rooms when possible. CIT also provides follow up checks when necessary to prevent further crisis and to assist in recovery.

*In case of an emergency, call 911; ask for a CIT Officer
*For non-emergencies, call 281-341-4665

CIT Supervisors

Lieutenant Jerome Ellis
Office: 281-341-8530

Sergeant Alexander Rey
Office: 281-341-8533

For more information please visit FBC CIT Team Website: