Notice to Customers with Limited Mobility and/or Small Children: Due to social distancing requirements and state and county health protocols, we strongly recommend using contact-free alternatives for your auto and property tax transactions. Lobby seating is limited, and we anticipate lines extending beyond office doors. For more information regarding contact-free automobile transactions, please visit the Contact-Free Auto Transactions page. For more information regarding contact-free Property Tax transactions, please visit the Contact-Free Property Tax Transactions page.


Reopening Fort Bend County Tax Offices to the Public

The Fort Bend County Tax Office operates six locations.  Due to the differing characteristics of each office, plans for each office will vary.

All Tax Office staff will follow the guidelines from the Governor’s Reopening Plan for Texas regarding Minimum Standard Health Protocols.

All offices are stocked with masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting cloths. 

  1. The number of people allowed to enter each Tax Office will be restricted to maintain social distancing guidelines inside.  A staff member will monitor the door into each office to control entry.
  2. We ask all visitors to limit the number to one or two people per transaction.  Please do not bring multiple family members.

  3. All visitors to the office as well as staff in the Collections areas behind the counters are required to wear a mask by order of County Judge KP George. 

  4. Forehead temperature screens will be conducted on all visitors.  No one with a temperature over 99.9 will be allowed to enter the office.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the door as visitors come in.

  6. Staff and visitors will be required to maintain social distancing inside the tax offices at all times.  Markers will be placed on floors. Lobby seating is limited.

  7. Although visitors will be lined up to get into an office, they may not be called into the office in that order.  Not all of our clerks are able to handle all kinds of transactions.  When a clerk becomes open, the next waiting customer with a transaction type that matches that clerk’s skill level will be called.

  8. All offices offer contactless credit card payment methods.
  9. We will encourage visitors to use their own pens for marking documents, but will provide a courtesy pen if they need one.

  10. Only customers inside of the Tax Office at closing time will be waited on.  Anyone still waiting in a building lobby or outside will have to come back another time.

  11. We will suspend use of our Wait Anywhere appointment system until further notice.

  12. At the Richmond Tax Office, the Door Monitor will assist in controlling the number of visitors to the Child Support Department upstairs.  Only 3 people will be allowed at a time upstairs.


  1. As was our pre-COVID-19 policy, we will process registration renewals, disabled placards and property tax payments in the Drive Thru.

  2. We strongly encourage anyone with one of the above transactions to use the Drive Thru.

  3. At closing time, the clerks will turn off the OPEN signs above the lanes and the customer being assisted at that time will be the last customer of the day.  Anyone still in line will need to come back another time.


  1. SIT dealers should continue to mail in their monthly statements/payments or leave them in one of our six drop boxes.

  2. Any SIT dealer paying in cash at one of our substations should get in line and wait for a clerk to issue a temporary receipt.

  3. For cash payments at the Richmond office, they may come inside and someone will meet them in the lobby to issue a temporary receipt if paying in cash.