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Effective September 1, 2017, a $5.00 fee shall be collected on the filing of any civil action or proceeding requiring a filing fee, including an appeal, and on the filing of any Counterclaim, Cross-Action, Intervention, Interpleader, or Third Party Action requiring a filing fee, pursuant to Senate Bill No. 42; Chapter 51, Government Code is amended by adding Subchapter N – Additional Filing Fee for Judicial and Court Personnel Training.

Your Public Servant,

Beverley McGrew Walker  
Fort Bend County District Clerk


Information on various District Clerk fees

 Credit Card Payments

             Credit/Debit Card Instructions [PDF]

Other Methods of Payment:

Personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, checks from law office accounts and insurance checks are accepted.  Out-of-state checks are not accepted.  Please show style and cause number on your remittance.

Remit payment to:  District Clerk, Beverley McGrew Walker