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Section 100 - Introduction

Introduction [PDF]
Policy 101 Employee Information Manual [PDF]
Policy 102 At-Will Status of Employees [PDF]
Policy 103 Equal Employment Opportunity [PDF]
Policy 104 County Government Structure [PDF]

Section 200 - Employment Rights

Employee rights [PDF]
Policy 201 Americans with Disabilities Act [PDF]
Policy 202 Respectful Workplace  [PDF]
Policy 203 Dispute Resolution  [PDF]
Policy 204 Non-Retaliation and Whistleblower Protection [PDF]
Policy 205 Religious Accommodation [PDF]
Form 205A Request for Reasonable Accommodation for Religious Purposes [PDF]


Section 300 - Drug-Free & Alcohol-Free Workplace

Drug-Free & Alcohol-Free Workplace [PDF]
Appendix 300-A Signs, Symptoms, & Dangers of Alcohol & Drug Abuse [PDF]
Form 301-A Reasonable Suspicion Incident Checklist [PDF]
Appendix 301-A Department of Transportation Safety & Sensitive Functions [PDF]
Policy 301 Drug and Alcohol Detection and Deterrence [PDF]
Policy 302 Drug and Alcohol Policy for Employees Performing FMCSA Safety Sensitive Duties [PDF]
Policy 303 Drug and Alcohol Policy for Employees Performing FTA Safety Sensitive Duties [PDF]

Section 400 - Employment Policies

Employment Policies [PDF]
Policy 401 Categories of Employment [PDF]
Policy 402 Employee Selection  [PDF]
Policy 403 Job Descriptions  [PDF]
Policy 404 Pay Procedures  [PDF]
Policy 405 Performance Appraisals [PDF]
Policy 406 Transfers, Subsequent Rehires, and Separations [PDF]
Form 406a - Statement Regarding the Rehire of Former Employee Form [PDF]
Policy 407 Work Week and Compensatory Time [PDF]
Policy 408 Employee I.D. and Access Security Badge [PDF]
Policy 409 Job Related Medical Assessments [PDF]
Policy 410 Employment Applicant Travel Reimbursement [PDF]
Policy 411 Employee Travel Reimbursement [PDF]
Policy 412 Posting of Open Positions [PDF]
Policy 413 - Emergency Operations Personnel and Pay Procedures [PDF]
Form 413a - Emergency Preparedness Employee Acknowledgement Form [PDF]
Form 413b - Emergency Operations Personnel Waiver Request Form [PDF]
Policy 414 - Communicable Disease Emergency [PDF]
Form 414 - CDE Temporary Reassignment Request [PDF]
Form 4A - Resignation Statement [PDF]
Form 4B - Exit Interview - Supervisor and Employee [PDF]
Form 4C - Exit Survey [PDF]

Section 500 - Benefits

Benefits [PDF]
Policy 501 COBRA - Continuation of Benefits Rights [PDF]
Policy 502 Credit Union [PDF]
Policy 503 Defensive Driving - Optional [PDF]
Policy 504 Deferred Compensation [PDF]
Policy 505 Flexible Spending [PDF]
Policy 506 Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 [PDF]
Policy 507 Holidays [PDF]
Policy 508 Paid Leave for Employees Working 24 Hour Shifts [PDF]
Policy 509 Group Benefits [PDF]
Policy 510 Retirement [PDF]
Policy 511 Continuation of Health Benefits Upon Retirement [PDF]
Policy 512 Longevity Pay [PDF]
Policy 513 Vacation [PDF]
Policy 514 Lactation Accommodation [PDF]

Section 600 - Employee Conduct

Employee Conduct [PDF]
Policy 601 Violence Prevention [PDF]
Policy 602 Conflict of Interest [PDF]
Policy 603 Defensive Driving - Mandatory [PDF]
Policy 604 Acceptable Use of County Information Systems  [PDF]
Policy 605 Outside Employment [PDF]
Policy 606 Nepotism [PDF]
Chart 6A Nepotism Chart [PDF]
Policy 607 PC Software and the Federal Copyright Law [PDF]
Policy 608 Personal Property [PDF]
Policy 609 Rules of Conduct [PDF]
Policy 610 Safety [PDF]
Policy 611 Smoking [PDF]
Policy 612 County Vehicles [PDF]
Policy 613 Voice Mail Access [PDF]
Policy 614 Parking Policy at Designated Fort Bend County Owned Property [PDF]
Policy 615 Social Media [PDF]
Form 615 Social Media Form [PDF]
Policy 616 Dress Code, Uniforms and Work Clothes [PDF]
Policy 617 Authorization to Drive on County Business [PDF]
Policy 618 Carrying of Handguns and Other Weapons [PDF]
Form 6C Warning Notice [PDF]

Section 700 - Leave and Absences

Leave and Absences [PDF]
Policy 701 Absenteeism [PDF]
Policy 702 Citizenship Leave [PDF]
Policy 703 Bereavement Leave [PDF]
Policy 704 Family and Medical Leave Act [PDF]
Form 704A Eligibility Notification [PDF]
Form 704B Notice of Leave Designation [PDF]
Form WH-380_E For Employee's Serious Health Condition [PDF]
Form WH-380_F For Family Member's Serious Health Condition [PDF]
Form WH-384 For Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave [PDF]
Form WH-385 For Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Servicemember [PDF]
Form WH385V For Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran [PDF]
Policy 705 Inclement Weather [PDF]
Policy 706 Leave of Absence [PDF]
Policy 706 Form 7C Leave of Absence Request Form [PDF]
Policy 707 Administrative Leave and Suspension without Pay [PDF]
Policy 707 Form 7D Administrative Leave and Suspension without Pay Notice [PDF]
Policy 708 Military Leave [PDF]
Policy 709 Sick Leave [PDF]
Policy 710 Workers Compensation [PDF]
Policy 711 Superceded. See Policy 706 [PDF]
Policy 712 Shared Sick Leave Pool [PDF]
Policy 712D Shared Sick Leave Pool Donation Form [PDF]
Policy 712W Shared Sick Leave Pool Withdrawal Form [PDF]
Policy 713 Paid Quarantine Leave for First Responders [PDF]
Policy 714 Paid Mental Health Leave for Peace Officers [PDF]

Section 800 - Bomb Threat and Imminent Threat

Bomb Threat and Imminent Threat [PDF]
Policy 801 Bomb Threat and Imminent Threat Policy [PDF]

Section 900 – Index

Index - Alphabetical Index of Terms [PDF]

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