Fort Bend County Fire Stations

Volunteer Departments Part Time Paid Staff ESD Contract Chief Precinct
Beasley FD Yes ESD #8 Dale Lindemann 1
Community FD Yes ESD #100 Bobby Clark 3
East Bernard FD No   Randy Kresta 1
Fairchild FD No   Josh Shed 1
Fresno FD Yes ESD #7 Anthony Bates 1
Fulshear FD Yes ESD #4 Herc Meier 3
Needville FD No   Keith Thumann 1
Northeast FD Yes ESD #5 Travis Baxter 3 and 4
Orchard FD No ESD #3 Travis Sowa 1
Pecan Grove FD Yes   Joey Wooley 3 and 4
Pleak FD Yes ESD #6 Jordan Blegen 1
Thompsons FD No   Ray Freshouer 1

Paid Departments (Full Time)

Part Time Paid Staff

ESD Contract



Katy FD


  Russell Wilson


Missouri City FD


  Eugene Campbell Jr


Pearland FD Yes   Vance Riley 1
Richmond FD Yes   Mike Youngblood 1 and 3
Rosenberg FD Yes   Darrell Himley 1
Stafford FD Yes   Larry DiCamillo 2
Sugar Land FD Yes   Doug Boeker 3 and 4
ESD #48 (formally W I-10 FD) Yes ESD #48 Jeffrey Hevey 3
Willowfork FD Yes ESD #2 Billy Wilson 3