Q: Are Separate Permits Required for shell buildings and then each tenant space?

A: Yes. Each tenant that moves into or within a shell building is required to obtain a permit in order to issue a Certificate of Compliance for the tenant. This is true even if no construction work is required for the tenant to begin business. Since the shell was set up without specific tenant information, many code requirements were not reviewed. Now that specific tenant information is available, the occupant load can be established and exits can be identified. Occupancy group and division can also be established and building construction type can be confirmed.

Shell Building: A shell building is a structure with empty spaces that have not yet been classified with a defined use due to a lack of tenant. This condition will remain until a future tenant proposes a use to the building department. At that point that shell space will be reviewed as to the proposed use and if approved will now have a use and an occupant. Shell buildings may be divided up to have one tenant or several tenants. Prospective tenants are generally similar in nature. Shell buildings are typically retail stores, office or a mixture of light to heavy industrial. Separate Tenant Improvement Permits are required for each tenant.

Tenant Improvement: A Tenant Improvement plans (USB drive) are needed for the creation of a new tenant, space, or the remodel/alteration of a space within an existing building or for the change of use in a previously occupied space. Plans (USB drive) are submitted and reviewed for applicable code requirements, a permit is then issued, based on the square footage of the tenant space, to do the work shown on the plans (USB drive). When the work has been completed and inspected a Certificate of Occupancy is issued for the tenant.