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Fire Marshal FAQs

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Fire Marshal FAQs

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  • Which version of the Fire Code is Fort Bend County under currently and when was it adopted?

  • What types of structures are governed by the Fort Bend County Fire Code?

  • How do I schedule an inspection?

  • Will the Fire Marshal’s Office inspect a building on request?

  • How do I report a non-compliant fire system?

  • How do I report a fire code violation?

  • What are the inspection standards for the unincorporated area of Fort Bend County?

  • I need an inspection of a Day Care facility, what do I need?

  • I need an inspection for my Foster Home (1 to 6 children), what do I need to do?

  • I need an inspection for a foster group home (7 to 12 children), what do I need?

  • I need a fire inspection for a Hospital or Nursing Home, what do I need to do?

  • What type of signage is required for each building?

  • How do I schedule a final inspection?

  • Who needs to be present at the final inspection?

  • What does the Fire Marshal look for during an inspection?

  • Can I apply for a final inspection if I am not ready?

  • Can I have an inspection expedited?

  • Do I need a new inspection if I am a new owner in an existing building or I have had a name changed?

  • Is a fire alarm or fire suppression company required to have plans reviewed and permitted?

  • Can I conduct business or open prior to an inspection from the Fire Marshal’s office?

  • Does the Fire Marshal’s Office conduct inspection outside the normal 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM business hours?

  • What codes and standards are currently adopted?

  • What are the fees for fire alarm plan review?

  • What is required for fire alarm plan submittal?

  • Is our fire alarm system required to be monitored?

  • What are the fire alarm requirements for a nightclub or an assembly?

  • When should a fire alarm system be brought up to the current standard and building codes?

  • Is it necessary for us to bring the fire alarm system up to current code if we are just replacing the fire alarm control panel?

  • Can we use magnets to test smoke detectors?

  • How do I obtain records related to a fire in unincorporated Fort Bend County?

  • How do I obtain a copy of my Certificate of Compliance?

  • Is there a time frame for scheduling an inspection?

  • How do I obtain a copy of a fire report or copy of inspection paperwork?

  • If I fill out request, how long does it take to receive paperwork from an open records request?

  • How do I find out how to become an Investigator and Fire Inspector?

  • Does my child need the Youth Firesetter and Intervention Program?

  • How do I find out who the investigator of an arson case is?

  • If there are citizens or vendors selling fireworks that are violating the regulations, who should we contact?

  • Can there be a ban on fireworks for the county?

  • How do I dispose of used and left over fireworks?

  • I do not know if my house falls in the unincorporated area, how do I find out if I can shoot off fireworks?

  • Can a Home Owners Association (HOA) restrict the use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas?

  • Is it illegal to shoot off fireworks in Fort Bend County?