The State of Texas Constitution created each of the 254 counties in the state. Each county has a five member governing body called Commissioners Court.

Court agendas and minutes can be found at: 


Membership of Commissioners Court

  • Four county commissioners representing an equal portion of the county population, land, and roads.
  • County Judge is the presiding officer of the court.
  • County Clerk is the clerk of court responsible for taking, filing, and preserving the minutes and supporting documents of the court meetings. The County Clerk is also the custodian of the seal of the court.
Scheduled Meetings
TIME 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM
LOCATION Room 203 of the 1909 Courthouse, 401 Jackson Street, Richmond, Texas, 77469
MINUTES Prepared by the County Clerk's staff and is available for public access
AGENDA NOTICE Prepared by the County Judge's staff, filed with the County Clerk, and posted by Friday. The agenda lists the items that may be discussed at each Tuesday's court meeting.
The meetings are open to the public. A "public comment" time is given at the beginning of each meeting allowing each speaker three minutes to make comments regarding any issue of interest on the agenda.