TABC Certification Requests 

The Fort Bend County Clerk’s office certifies TABC pre-qualification packets as required by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

We verify the following:

  • Wet/dry status
  • Permit type
  • Whether or not the location violates Local Alcohol Distance Regulations
  • Address is within Fort Bend County

Please bring or mail the following documents when requesting certification:

  • The most recent required certification form. The L-CERT form version 7/2022 or later is preferred but we will accept the summary printout. All pages must be included or it will not be accepted. Printed screen shots will not be accepted. Please note Late Hours (LH) is an additional printout in AIMS.  
  • Fees: $5.00 for each type of certification required.

Per code, the County Clerk’s office has 30 days in which to certify or deny the application. Length of time is dependent upon the workload of the investigation team which reports to another county department.

The staff in the County Clerk's office are not attorneys and will not give any legal advice. For more information on TABC pre-qualification packet, please visit the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission website or contact your local TABC office.