Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 

Fort Bend County has grown from 8,600 business establishments or companies to nearly 15,000 in ten years. County Clerk Laura Richard would like to celebrate your business with a ribbon cutting ceremony!

Celebrate the ceremonial opening of a new business or showcase the start of a new location with a ribbon cutting event. Ribbon cuttings are a great way to kick-off your grand opening! Events like these mark a significant moment in your businesses’ history and provide an opportunity to welcome the public to your establishment. 

Eligible Businesses and Organizations:

  • Have filed DBA/Assumed Name paperwork with the Fort Bend County Clerk’s office within the past year.

This is your event! The County Clerk’s Office will happily support you with the following:

  • Provide a staff member as ‘Ambassador’ to act as your point of contact with the County Clerk’s office; 
  • Post about the event on social media with pictures taken of the ribbon cutting for the County Clerk’s social media; 
  • Provide ribbon, scissors, and Certificate of Ceremony.

Please be sure to: 

  • Reserve a slot with the County Clerk a minimum of at least 2 weeks before your event, with at least two alternative dates and times in case of schedule conflict; 
  • Send your application , information, and any questions to ccevents@fbctx.gov ;
  • Please consider who will speak at your event, who will participate in the cutting of the ribbon, if you will have refreshments, and who you want to invite to attend. 


The County Clerk ribbon cutting ceremony can be scheduled on Monday or Thursday, between 9AM – 4PM. 

The Fort Bend County Clerk’s office will work hard to accommodate business and organization scheduling preferences, but we must also consider the availability of staff to serve as Ambassadors to your event. With this in mind, the County Clerk asks for a minimum of 2-week notice and a confirmation of reservation slot for your Ribbon Cutting event. 

The ceremony typically runs 30-45 minutes. Attendance is up to business or organization hosting the ribbon cutting. The County Clerk’s office encourages those hosting a ribbon cutting to promote their event, invite the public, and to notify the media. 

This service is provided free to Fort Bend County businesses and organizations.