The following entities per Texas Local Government Code Chapter 195.003, may use E-Recording to electronically file documents with our office:

  • An attorney licensed in this state
  • Mortgage Lenders, banks, and credit unions
  • State agencies
  • State licensed Title Companies and agents

Texas Local Government Code Chapter 195.003 prohibits us from offering E-Recording services to the general public.


The following list of companies work with Fort Bend for eRecording documents:


Please note: Digital signatures are acceptable on a document that has been filed with the county clerk electronically by code requirements (eRecording). A paper document that contains a copy of a digital signature or signatures does not meet requirement of Property Code 12.00011 that requires a document to have an original signature. To allow for a paper document to be recorded with electronic signatures, the notary must attach a “tangible paper declaration” to the paper copy of the electronically signed instrument. Property Code 12.0013