The Fort Bend County Clerk is the recorder and custodian of important public records, ensuring that these records are maintained in a secure, archival manner. 

Official Public Records (OPR) consist of all publicly accessible documents recorded by this office and may include deeds, plats, mortgage documents, easements, assumed names (DBA), powers of attorney, bills of sale, and liens. 

The Fort Bend County Clerk's permanent online library contains millions of documents from 1821 to the present.

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Property Code Sec. 5.0261 provides a streamlined procedure for addressing discriminatory provisions in real property records. Senate Bill 30, which took effect on September 1, 2021, amends Property Code Sec. 5.0261 to establish a process for a property owner, or another person that the owner authorizes, to request a judicial review of specific property records to determine whether they contain prohibited discriminatory provisions.
Property Code Sec 5.0261 sets out the contents of the documents required to be submitted to the court as well as a suggested format for the court’s findings and order. No filing fees may be charged under the statute.
To view the language of the Code and the format for filing with the court as well as the format for the court’s findings and order, go to Texas Constitution and Statues – Property Code-Conveyances.

Please note: Digital signatures are acceptable on a document that has been filed with the county clerk electronically by code requirements (eRecording). A paper document that contains a copy of a digital signature or signatures does not meet requirement of Property Code 12.00011 that requires a document to have an original signature. To allow for a paper document to be recorded with electronic signatures, the notary must attach a “tangible paper declaration” to the paper copy of the electronically signed instrument. Property Code 12.0013