The Fort Bend County Clerk's Office and website contains a library of records, such as deeds, maps, plats, and other records pertaining to property located within the county. These records are open to the public and most are available online. 

Search Official Public Records

The County Clerk's oversight responsibilities as County Recorder are four fold:

  1. Process, file, and record all real and personal property records, assumed names (DBA), liens, abstracts, bonds, livestock marks and brands, county and school district budgets, subdivision plats, and hundreds of other document types in a safe, secure archival manner. 
  2. Provide public access to and an index of all public records. 
  3. Issue a certified and non-certified copy of any public records. 
  4. Assess, collect, and report fees and costs. 

The filing of most non-judicial documents are governed by Sections 191 through 195 of the Texas Local Government Code.