Fort Bend County November 3, 2020 Bond Election

In the November 3, 2020, General Election, Fort Bend County voters will consider a bond proposal on a variety of countywide parks projects. Bond elections allow voters to decide whether or not to use long-term financing through the sale of bonds for major capital improvement projects such as new construction and expansion of roads, parks and trails. This election is being held in conjunction with the November General Election for Federal, State, and County offices and the Fort Bend County mobility bond proposal. The total amount of bonds sought for Proposition B is $38.4 million.

Why is the County Requesting the Issuance of Park Bonds?

Fort Bend County has ten active parks, three leased parks, and four community centers. Our parks feature walking trails, playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, cricket fields, splash pads, fishing holes, and other outdoor recreation. We also offer pavilions, community centers, and Fair Ground building rentals for private events.

These resources periodically require renovations and/or replacements due to their regular “life expectancy,” natural wear and tear from daily use and constant exposure to the elements (steady sunlight, rainfall, heat, etc.) As the County’s population grows there is also a need to add additional park infrastructure and amenities to keep up with demand.

How will the Park Bonds be used?

The new funding would allow the County to execute large-scale upgrades and enhancements to its parks. These include new playgrounds, walking and exercise trails, outdoor fitness equipment, athletic spaces, increased lighting, shade structures, renovated restrooms, community center improvements and ADA accessibility improvements.

Will the Use of Bonds Increase the Tax Rate? 

No. The Commissioners Court included a commitment in the Parks Bond Order to not increase the tax rate for the issuance of the Parks Bonds once issued.

Certificate of Order calling for Bond Election
Sample Ballot
Educational Brochure on Proposed Parks Projects
Frequently Asked Questions
Proposed Parks Projects Interactive Map.
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