The Early Voting by Mail reports lists all voters who have returned a ballot by mail.  It does not mean that every ballot has been approved for counting. To verify the status of your ballot, click the button below: 

 Track Ballot By Mail

Early Voting by Mail Early Voting by Personal Appearance
Early Voting by Mail Statistics  [PDF] Early Voting by Personal Appearance Statistics  [PDF]
11/27/23  [PDF] 11/27/23  [PDF]
11/28/23  [PDF] 11/28/23  [PDF]
11/29/23  [PDF] 11/29/23  [PDF]
11/30/23  [PDF] 11/30/23  [PDF]
12/01/23  [PDF] 12/01/23  [PDF]
12/02/23  [PDF] 12/02/23  [PDF]
12/03/23 [PDF] 12/03/23 [PDF]
12/04/23  [PDF] 12/04/23  [PDF]
12/05/23  [PDF] 12/05/23  [PDF]