In September 2005, the Substance Abuse Services Division was created to be responsible for the in-house provision of alcohol and other drug screening, assessment, educational group counseling, and individual counseling. Substance Abuse Services also coordinates outpatient services with vendor providers and works closely with Psychological Services to ensure that issues discovered as we work with youth that are beyond the scope of practice allowed by our license are properly referred for appropriate services. The juvenile probation department employs five Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors.


  • Initial Screening and Assessment for substance abuse risk factors; Preparing reports and service recommendations for the juvenile probation officers and the juvenile courts;
  • A basic Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) educational workshop for those youth that have identified as having minimal substance abuse counseling needs. This workshop is held once a month on Saturday mornings;
  • An Eight-Week Alcohol and Other Drug Educational Counseling Group for those youth that have been identified as needing a higher level of substance abuse educational counseling needs. In an effort to make it easier for parents and youth to participate in this counseling group, one session of the counseling group is held at the Arcola JJAEP site;
  • A more Intensive Eight-Week Alcohol and Other Drug Educational Counseling group for those youth that present a consistent record of substance use or who have participated in a lower level of service without success. This group primarily emphasizes learning about and dealing with triggers, cravings and consequences of abuse;
  • A twelve-week open-ended educational group at each JJAEP site. This group is for those youth that are students at the JJAEP or JLA programs. The group sessions are conducted on site at each campus and are conducted during school hours. Individual counseling is also provided to address specific needs or for youth who are poor candidates to participate in group counseling. Chemical Dependency Counselors are available at each JJAEP site during school hours to provide individual counseling and crisis intervention counseling as needed. 

Substance Abuse Services
Leonard Marshall, Supervisor

3401 Avenue F
Rosenberg, Texas 77471

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