The Recreation Department of the Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center is now officially in its 14th year of operation. During the course of this wonderful journey, we have experienced many highs and very few, if any, low points.

The Recreation Department continues to start the “juvenile justice experience” with a Monday through Friday early morning session of physical training (PT). PT begins at 0615 for all juveniles, male and female. Juveniles learn the proper method and execution of rotation, stretching and calisthenics exercises. The type of exercises and the specified number of repetitions for each exercise have been carefully selected so as not to cause any unnecessary harm or injuries. The overall regimen is designed to promote and maintain a minimum standard of fitness while in the detention center.

Once residents have completed morning PT and breakfast, they prepare for school. All residents who are not immediately enrolled in the detention's school must report to the Recreation Department for S.E.A.L.S. (Self Esteem and Living Skills) programming. SEALS provides residents with an opportunity to brush up on their basic reading, writing and comprehension skills while awaiting enrollment in the detention school. These classes are held in the morning for non-school males and in the afternoon for the females. Textbooks and worksheets are a basic part of the curriculum. Integrated throughout these classes are a variety of lessons in life skills and methods of socialization.

Residents are also offered an opportunity to engage in sports and leisure activities within the Recreation Department. Indoor recreation includes activities such as chess, dominoes, cards and a variety of board games. Residents are also allowed to explore their artistic abilities with many different mediums of art and materials. Past projects have resulted in beautiful acrylic works of art, which can be seen in the front corridor of the detention center. Fox News and the Houston Chronicle – Fort Bend Edition - have both recognized the artistic endeavors of our residents in their newscasts and newsprint.