The Pre-Adjudication Supervision (PAS) is designed to release juveniles from detention on stringent conditions of release who would normally be detained until their court date due to their pending offense. This program resembles the Post-Adjudication Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) currently being provided for by the Field Services Unit.

Pre-Adjudication Supervision aids the Courts and the Juvenile Probation Department in the following areas:

  • Alleviate elevated detention populations, which in turn is cost effective considering the hiring of extra staff is needed regarding detention overcrowding.
  • Provide the courts with a tool to release at-risk juveniles with the knowledge they will receive strict supervision. 
  • Provide the Courts, District Attorneys Office and the Probation Department with a barometer of how a child will perform when released home under supervision. If the child performs well, they could be placed on probation at home, therefore eliminating the expense of residential placement.

The intake/court officer recommends to the courts, based on their preliminary investigation and subsequent staffing, that the juvenile be released into the PAS Program. If the Judge is in agreement to the PAS, the Judge may court order the child into the PAS under the enforceable orders of “Detention Conditions of Release”. Children who are generally appropriate for the release program would be felony cases or juveniles with an extensive history with the Juvenile Justice System. Before recommending release into the PAS program, the assigned JPO, with supervisor approval, staffs the case with th Placement Staffing Committee before making a recommendation to the courts. The Placement Staffing Committee thoroughly reviews the case and either supports or declines the proposal. The Placement Staffing Committee meets every Wednesday. Once approved by the Placement Committee, the JPO will generate a request for the PAS conditions on the Motion for Release Order to the Judge and send the parent/guardian and child to the Field Services Building for the PAS interview process.

The Field Services Supervisor or designee will explain the release conditions and obtains signatures from all parties acknowledging the agreement between parties and receipt of release plan prior to the Detention Hearing and or Court Hearing.