Transitions Work/Study Program

The goal of the Transitions Work/Study Program is to provide juvenile probation youths, ages 14-18 years of age, with the tools that they will need to be educationally ready, literate in all areas of job readiness, and confidently knowledgeable of higher education opportunities that will enable them to work toward a successful personal future. Educational Readiness places a priority on one-to-one tutoring of the juveniles requiring remedial assistance in reading and math as well as specialized computer programs, DVDs and other materials to assist in the tutoring effort.

Target Groups

  • Juveniles involved with the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department, ages 15-18 years of age;
  • Juveniles academically behind in school; Juveniles who need to get a GED or high school diploma;
  • Juveniles who need a job but lack the necessary skills to get meaningful employment;
  • Juveniles who are lacking in necessary independent living skills to “graduate” to the adult world.

The Transitions Work/Study Program is an extremely comprehensive job training program. The program consists of assessments to ensure that the youth can read, write and complete math skills well enough to fill out job applications, interview, take the GED, attend certification courses in trade schools, or actually go on to higher education opportunities.

A primary emphasis of the Transitions Work/Study Program is on literacy. The Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department began implementation of a literacy program for law-involved juveniles in 2005 and utilizes “My Reading Coach” software, which was developed and is distributed by Mindplay Education Solutions.