TRAPS Program

TRAPS is Traffick 911's interactive youth program designed to equip youth and parents to avoid the tricks, traps and lures of human traffickers. The program is geared towards youth ages 12 to 18 and is also adapted and presented to PTA's and parent groups. The information provided is current, relevant, and captures the attention of the youth while opening their eyes to a dark and dangerous part of society. Youth learn practical ways to stay safe, such as alternatives to running away and appropriate internet and real world behaviors. It also empowers youth to be a voice for someone who may be trafficked by teaching them to recognize the red flags of a trafficking victim. the TRAPS workshop is offered monthly to youth in the juvenile detention center and twice a year to probation youth in the community.

Sex Trafficking Facts

  • A child is sold every two minutes.
  • It is the 2nd largest and fasting growing criminal activity in the world.
  • Texas ranks second in the nation for the most number of cases.
  • Average age of entry is 12-13 years.
  • The Interstate 10 corridor is the number one route for human trafficking in the U.S. It is estimated there are 27 million victims of human trafficking in the world.
  • Higher instances of human trafficking occur when youth run away from home, have had involvement with child protective services or have been involved in the juvenile justice system.